Implant Procedures


There is no secret to our success. We basically evaluate a patient, treat them in one day,and send them away with teeth. The exact process is as follows.


We provide a free informative consult to any patients wishing more information on this procedure. We discuss all aspects of the surgical and tooth replacement portions of the technique and any financial concerns are also covered. Photos, models, and all necessary records are taken to evaluate the patient as a candidate for this procedure. Most people are qualified and can enjoy the benefits of teeth in one day. All procedures related to the preparation of the patient for surgery including x rays, CAT scans, and models are no additional charge.

We provide several financing options and do our part to maximize any insurance benefits. Care Credit and Springstone financing can often provide long or short term credit at little or no interest.


If necessary, extractions are performed and four (4) implants are placed in the arch (upper/ lower/or both). If the patient has no teeth we proceed directly to implant placement. Based upon the diagnostic CAT scan, x rays , and models the Dr places the implants in the exact position required to avoid the nerves and sinuses, and provide a sufficient platform for your new teeth.

Once the implants are placed, the new teeth are fitted and secured into place. Within a matter of hours a patient can go from no teeth to a functional beautiful smile.

Many of our patients complete the entire treatment with only local anesthesia. We also have available Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and Conscious Sedation. We rarely find the need for IV sedation, but can provide it if desired.


Our goal is a successful treatment and a happy patient. We ask that the patient stick to a soft diet for several weeks and allow time to get used to their new teeth. Healing is generally quick with minimal discomfort. Unlike a Denture that shifts around and rubs on the tissue, our teeth are supported by the implants and do little to no pushing on your gums.


Over the course of 4-6 months the patient has had time to evaluate their teeth for both function and looks. Minor changes may be made during this period and the result is a set of teeth that are more than acceptable to the patient. Based upon these teeth, a stronger , more aesthetic, and final set of teeth is made up. Impressions are taken and without any further surgery or painful procedures our patient has the best teeth possible except for natural ones.

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